Incubation: ‘The Moon Monsters’

2 min readDec 7, 2021


Polkalabs is proud to announce the start of the incubation period of ‘The Moon Monsters’, a new original collection of 10.000 generative art NFT that will be later adapted into the Play-to-Earn Metaverse of the Project named ‘Moonverse’.

The Moon Monsters— A Unique NFT Art Collection and Your Avatar in Metaverse

Official ‘The Moon Monsters’ Poster

The Moon Monsters is an original collection of 10.000 generative art NFT, created by the experienced Art Director and Crypto Artist Mert Tiglioglu.

In the collection, each artwork is original with its character and creation. The objective of the Project has been described as ‘to make each Monster unique to prioritize quality above quantity.’

Every NFT holder will join the ‘Moonverse’ with their owned ‘Monster’ and every character will have their original traits and skills, making the game unique and enjoyable to play.

The Project plans to launch the $MOON token in January and pledges to provide an allocation from the IDO or Public Sale to its NFT holders.

For more information about The Moon Monsters, please look at their website, Discord, Telegram or Twitter.




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