Investment: ‘Luna Rush’

2 min readDec 11, 2021


Polkalabs is proud to announce its investment in ‘Luna Rush’, a NFT Idle RPG Game, where you are a Luna Master, summoning powerful Luna Warriors, teaching them the right skills, making an undefeatable team. You then send your team on a quest of defeating powerful bosses, fighting solo battles, compete with other Luna Master on fiercely Tournaments to earn exclusive rewards!

In Luna Rush, there are 11 different types warrior, each possess unique skills and stats. Player can power up their warriors by level up and fusion.

⁃ Every time player level up a warrior, the system will select randomly 3 skills in a pool of 100 predesigned skills, player will then choose 1 of those 3 skill for the warrior. Depending on the knowledge about the game, strategy thinking, and a little bit of lucky, player can build powerful warriros.

Fusion warrior requires the player to sacrifice one or more warriors to increase the rarity and power of an other warrior. This is also a mechanism to control NFTs inflation.

Launchpads: BinStarter, LaunchZone, BSCStation, LuaStarter

VCs: X21, Onebit, MHVenture, Spring Dawn Venture, SenseSpark Venture, and more …

Key points:

Luna Rush is an NFT-Idle RPG Game, inspired by C.A.T.S and MyBrute.
GameFi Marketplace with selling and renting NFTs
⁃ Built on BSC, planning to deploy on Solana in 2022
⁃ Built with mindset easy-to-play, simple-to-invest
⁃ Multiple game modes include Boss Hunting, Campaign, 1vs1, 3vs3, Tournament, Guild, Leaderboard
⁃ Player can farm-to-earn in Boss Hunting
⁃ Players can challenge other players in 1vs1, 3vs3, Tournament with an amount of fee, winner take most of the total fee, the remaining of the total fee will go to Luna Treasury
⁃ Planning to create huge 3D map of Luna World with 6,000 Land for sale, integrating with VR and Haptic, getting the game world ready for MetaVerse upgrade.
⁃ The owner of the land will get benefit from the Tax of all the rewards generated on their land.

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